To You

‘To You’ is an attempt at expressing feelings of confusion aimlessness, and being unsure of whether the answer to those feelings can be given by another person or from within. For the most part, it’s abstract poetry that leaves me with a feeling of flying away


White is the way I came to you
My sight had not yet been aligned
You would find I had not been given a colour
You would wonder of where I came

I may as well just learn the language of the beasts
Or become apart of the world at least my energy
May become the breath residing in your lungs
Or the ground beneath your feet is what I’ll become

To You

I’ve always worn half of what I should have been
Bare against the world but not with honesty
Promise me you will not let me disappear inside of you
I have been so long without a hue

‘To You’ came about from a cheap Kalimba I bought in the south coastal town Mogo when on holidays with my family. It was originally based off a different song I wrote about Avatar the Last Airbender

11 Jan 2017