Take You Home

‘Take You Home’ is the final chapter in Overdue, a very gentle, slightly creepy send off from the EP. This track was developed from two visual sources, one was the image of a bioluminescent beaches completely aglow with blue lights, and the other was the scene in ‘Nausicaa: Valley Of The Wind’ in the clean pure world underneath the toxic jungle. These two visual inspirations are so genuinely breath taking to me that I had to explain how I was feeling in my own art form. When I’m feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the world, movies from Hayao Miyazaki completely calm my soul and bring me to a place of deep peace, and images like the illuminated beach make me feel so blown away by the beauty of this world. Indulging in the feelings I get from these things has really helped me feel a sense of peace and purpose, and I wanted to capture that feeling in a song.


Sands of countless beacons
Tonight you roam
Angel Essence, fallen heaven
Take you home

I wonder could I drink you up?
Illuminate my body and my bones?
A restoration, slip away and
Leave me with your glow

Pools of ancient water
Reflect the face
A toxic jungle from which we stumble
Onto this holy place

Wandering through endless noise
It’s true the eyes are windows to the heart
But in the silence where beauty rises
We create our path


Vocals and Engineering by Ella Sterland

Bass by Renee Stein

Mixed and Mastered by Craig Booth