‘IDK‘ is about a turning point in a friendship when you realise you see them as more than a friend. It’s a delicate balance between confronting your emotions, confronting them, and trying to stay inconspicuous enough so you can stay in their presence. Someone who used to just make you laugh, now makes every bone in your body shake when they brush past you. Trying to figure it all out is scary though, so for now you just enjoy how it feels


I may be wrong but I think you wanted something
Beyond this fun and I think I gave you one thing-
That you may have never felt before
This has never made me melt before

I know you like to pretend that this is fantasy
I think this night proved you’re clearly not immune to me
But I think I like you anyway
I hope you like me anyway

(I don’t know)
About the future
And what you think that we are
But I like it when you hold me in your car

(I don’t know)
Where we’re going
But I know that I’m showing 
The tension’s overflowing

Maybe this was just platonic and I’m over thinking
Maybe we were just too honest and my smile is bringing
You back to a time when you would touch her just because you wanted
Her to feel it ripple through her bones and make her skin distorted

Maybe when you do those things to me you feel how I do
Maybe you would hold me closer if I only asked you too
But I am worried that you’ll pull away when I get near you
Because boundaries you’ve been flirting with are always with you

Maybe let your guard down, for a little while now
Maybe lets just sit here, see what we can mishear
Maybe let your guard down, for a little while now
Maybe lets just sit here, see what we can mishear


Vocals by Ella Sterland

BV’s, Bass and Guitar by Renee Stein

Produced by Renee Stein

Mixed by Van Lucia

Mastered by Stuart Hawkes

‘IDK’ was an assignment Renee had for a production unit at college, and I wrote most of the track in 20 minutes. The ‘I don’t know’ motif was just a placeholder, but it helped build the message around the song. There’s this one melody I completely improvised in a scratch take and it created this really interesting scale over the chords, I think my musicianship peaked in that moment

7 June 2017