You know when you’re starting a new adventure game and there’s this mystical all knowing voice that is there to guide you and show you how the world works? That’s what I had in mind when I wrote this song, the idea of a guiding hand who loves and wants to protect their creation. Sometimes I worry if I am doing what I was created for, like I’m on the wheel but I have no license. This song is a perspective outside of my own, reassuring me that I am not alone, that I am built to withstand a lot, and that I can trust my instincts.


I didn’t have to go
Leave you all alone
Give you a sword and shield
And hope that they do yield

And let you grow
I couldn’t hold your hand
Make castles in the sand
I’ll leave you with the key
Hold it close and think of me
And I’ll be there

And leaving you is hard for me
But its hard for you because you cannot see
The future is just sticks and stones
So remember you are not alone

I didn’t need to stay
Your feet don’t go astray
Your heart is full of gold
Keep it bright when you grow old
And lead the way


Vocals and Engineered by Ella Sterland

Guitar By Renee Stein

Mixed and Mastered by Craig Booth

Renee and I don’t work together as often as you might think, but this was a little guitar bit she had written up and left on my computer, and it felt like all the words came together effortlessly. This didn’t need to be anything complicated, it was sweet and easy, and fully reminded me of giving a little RPG character a sword and hoping they can get through the journey ahead