I wrote ‘Calendars’ amidst my close friends constantly changing their wedding plans to work around a global pandemic. They rescheduled and rescheduled until finally they decided to do a ceremony over zoom. This really stuck with me, the fact that they had such determination to see this thing through, I was so impressed by their courage and love for each other. This song is super cheesy because what else can you do during a global pandemic? Being upfront and cliche is actually really comforting when everything around you is crashing down. I think it has been important to lament over lost plans during this ordeal, but how precious to have someone along side you who feels every beat with you, and holds your hand through it all.

It was such an honour to play this song at their IRL wedding one year later


Covered in chocolate
You can be my valentine everyday
No perils can stop it
Throw the calendars away

We don’t need a plan to say that its fate
Keeping your hand in mine is all it takes

Why get caught up in the spiral?
Why we wasting all this time for?
The future’s bout survival
And what we got is primal, what do you say?

I don’t really feel the weight
But all this waiting around’s
Been slowly weighing it down but the base
Has never crumbled never changed

And the lights are still on
There might be less going on in this place
I know it feels kinda strange
We never needed the bells
But it’s nice when the spell’s underway
But it never changed the way I see your face

Life isn’t graceful
But you got the beat for us to dance to
The forecast’s unstable
Lucky for me I got stability in you

And we might have planned for grander design
Nothing’s gonna change that you are mine

Hit me like a gunshot
An avalanche that won’t stop
And everything is blowing up
But I know what I got won’t give it away

In all the commotion
When nothing is suspended in black and white
It might be unspoken but we have a space in the light
And nothing is perfect
But perfection is closer to me because of you


Vocals, Engineering, and Producing by Sterland

Guitar and Bass by Renee Stein

Mixing and Mastering by Craig Booth

I couldn’t sleep until I had mumbled these first few lyrics into my phone at 2am. Renee and I developed the song over the next few days, I recorded all the ad libs and harmonies into my computer one after another until it sounded really bad. This song was so fun to develop and put together, and it’s crazy that it’s become such a crowd favourite

March 23 2020