‘April’ is two songs fused together with the power of electric guitars. Section A is about standing up for yourself and saying no to someone who wasn’t respecting your boundaries. Even if you are a little later to the party, saying something is always better than never saying anything at all. Section B is a conversation with yourself, centring yourself and listening to yourself after a period of not having opened your eyes and ears to your own needs.


I don’t know why it was April
And not six months before
I think maybe I wasn’t able
I think maybe I wanted more

And I know you wanted October
And everything in between
And I don’t regret not yielding 

I have been away for some time I know I say
That we won’t be far apart


Vocals, Engineered and Produced by Ella Sterland

Guitars by Renee Stein

Mixed and Mastered by Craig Booth

I wrote April in two cities, and in a way it feels like two seperate lives. This first section was when I was in the midst of the grief of realising how standing up for myself would lead to me losing someone I trusted. The second section was over a year later, and is retrospective, kind of like looking back on your life with a mirror ball and wishing you could tell that person that it all works out in the end. Building the wall of sound with the guitars with Renee was definitely the most fun part of all this

April – 22 May 2018
Away – 30 July 2019